Climate Assemblies

Climate assemblies are small, informal gatherings for young people to discuss climate change in their communities, schools, clubs and groups. They’re fun, friendly ways to take climate action and make a difference, whilst learning about climate justice and contributing to a wider campaign. They’re also an opportunity to have your voice heard - we’re collecting thoughts and opinions from these assemblies to go in a document which will be sent to COP27 where world leaders discuss how to combat climate change.

They’re also really easy to run. We’ve created a booklet which guides you through our structure for climate assemblies – click on the link below. You can complete the activities in a meeting of your preexisting group or in a lunch-time at school, or set up an event in your community and put up posters to advertise it. The booklet will guide you through the process.

We believe these climate assemblies can have a big impact and give you an important opportunity to connect with other young people to help the environment. We’re also running an ‘LCOY' youth climate conference on October 22nd in Manchester - an exciting day of workshops, debates, inspiring speeches and much more. We'd love for you to join us!

For climate assemblies, check out the links below, and get in touch if you’ve got any questions, thoughts or ideas!

Why run a climate assembly?