DMK Atlas

Founded after our very successful LCOY youth climate summit last year, DMK Atlas is our climate justice campaign. We empower young people to become climate activists and help create positive change for young people, communities and the environment. We're helping young people develop crucial skills, whilst campaigning for climate awareness and meaningful action from politicians. And we're only just getting started.

This year, we're running a campaign to engage as many young people as possible in climate activism. We're encouraging people all across the country to run 'climate assemblies' - small gatherings to talk about climate change in your community, in your school or your club/group. We're also running another LCOY youth climate conference, to bring youth activists together for a day of fun activities, planning and collaborating.

We've been accredited by YOUNGO, the UN youth climate organisation, to host this conference - and as part of it we'll be collecting thoughts, opinions and ideas throughout our campaign. We'll summarise these in a document which represents the UK youth voice on climate, and this will be sent to YOUNGO and then passed on to COP27. Interested? Check out the links below and get involved!

Climate Assemblies

These are small, informal climate conversations that we're encouraging you to run in your school, community, club or group. Taking action to help the environment can seem daunting, but simply talking to others about it can make a huge impact. If you pass on any thoughts and ideas from your discussion to us, we'll include them in the document we're sending to the UN and you can have your voice heard by world leaders at COP27

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A Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) is a conference run by young people, for young people all about climate justice and the environment. They're accredited by YOUNGO, the UN youth climate organisation, and happen all over the world.

After running LCOY UK last year (online, during the pandemic) we were selected to run it again but this time as an in-person youth conference. It's happening on October 22nd in Manchester - check out the links below for more information!

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