Director Recruitment

There are currently 3 available opportunities for young people aged 11-18 across England and Wales within our charity.

Deadline for applications is 19th March at 17:00.

Director of Communications

DMK Potential is seeking a Director of Communications, to coordinate and lead communications work across all our projects, allowing our projects to be sent out into the world and receive positive engagement from a wide cross section of society, but specifically from our target audience, young people

Project Co-ordinator

DMK Music

DMK Music is seeking a Project Coordinator to lead on the development and delivery of the record label. This will include recruiting and supporting artists, marketing music, overseeing the distribution of music, and overseeing administrative tasks related to the project. Please note that a musical background is not a necessity for this role.

Project Co-ordinator

DMK Advantage

DMK Advantage is seeking a Project Coordinator to lead the planning, development and execution of DMK Advantage, into a volunteering hub for young people. They will be responsible for shaping the project, outreaching to organisations for opportunities, promoting the hub and engaging young people