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Our mission

Our charity aims to provide young people with the resources, opportunities and services they may need to become confident and mature members of society. We currently do this through engaging young people in our two projects, DMK Music and DMK Advantage.

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Welcome from our CEO

Hello and welcome to our website!

DMK Potential is such an important piece of work for me, and the charity has had many different forms over the past two years, and we are currently going from strength to strength as a newly registered charity - we are currently seeking funding to fund our projects for the next year, to enable us to deliver on our ambitions and aims, and engage with young people on many levels.

What I love about the charity is that we are able to work with some many amazing people on a day-to-day basis: our Executive and Trustee Boards are filled with enthusiastic and passionate people who are wanting to make a change for the better for young people themselves.

We are constantly looking for new young people to join our team, engage with our projects and more! If you would like to get involved, be sure to register your interest.

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Dmitrijs Meiksans

Founder & CEO

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DMK Music is a youth music project, giving young people the opportunity to release their own music to the world with the support of our volunteers, eventually developing their voice and confidence to inspire others around them.

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DMK Advantage Logo

DMK Advantage wants to create a space where young people are able to find opportunities which will allow them to develop skills while making a difference to those around them in their local communities, or beyond,

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DMK Atlas is our climate justice campaign. We empower young people to get involved and help create positive change for communities and the environment while helping young people develop crucial skills along the way

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